Sri Lanka Floods

THEY NEED OUR HELP!  – Versione italiana –

The situation in Sri Lanka is pretty bad, all over the country.
I don’t know what media are showing to the world, but this is what is happening right here and now.

Today I drove just a few kilometres away from my place, to find out that 142 families are stuck in a place that looks like a lake to me, but until just a few days ago it was countryside with dirt roads, paddy fields, houses and a temple… now, all I can see around, is water, broken trees, debris… people on the other side waiting for someone with some help.
They are completely isolated, as the road we drove on ends into the water.
Their houses are half submerged, they have no power, nor water, no food nor drinking water, and they need all the help that we can give, right now.

We are gathering all the first things they need and then going around with boats, from house to house, to deliver a bag with the first hand and hope to all those families.
They are just a few of many in need, the country has been hit really hard, and they all need help. But here is where my help is going to be immediately directed to.
If you want to help me/us help them, in any possible way, you’re very welcome.

We will keep going there as much as we can to supply what they need, and hopefully soon, as the water will start to retreat, we’ll begin helping with the cleaning…. and rebuilding.

Right now they need your money, for:
(this list will grow and change as I understand things more and as the stages/needs change)

Drinking water
Tuna cans
White flour
Candles and matches
Toothbrushes and paste
Soap bars
Brushes and combs
Washing powder
Clothes and shoes
Lanterns and gasoil
Strong plastic roof sheets
School items

I will try to put online an official page dedicated to this cause very quickly and surely I will keep it up to date with good news and improvements to share with all the people that made them possible. For now, pics and videos can be find here.

As you can understand, the money need is immediate, as we need to be able to buy many things for these people.
If you know me, this won’t be a problem, but if you ended up here by word of mouth or social spreading, please do trust me and send your help now, very quickly everything will be official, also to give a fair voice to the cause.

Wifi isn’t a priority, working online can be very slow, or impossible these days, and I can’t just wait to have everything ready.
This thing starts now, and all I have now is my words behind a screen, a few pics, which I hope will help to feel the sadness and the importance of the moment, and my PayPal address.

Every little helps!!

On this side of the world, those coins that you drop at home because they’re adding weight to your pockets, might easily mean a few days of food. Click here to go to the donation page.

You cannot donate money? Please do share this with people who might.

For donations other than money, please send me an email, in further stages many different things will be needed and might be more convenient not having to buy them.

Thank you! <3

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– UPDATE 01.06.2017 –

The official fundraiser  page is online!!

Many thanks to the good souls sharing Wi-Fi 🙏🏻